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Ghrelin was accidentally created roughly fifteen years ago by an alchemy student. The student's intentions were to create a new species of vegetables for a class final. The experiment on a potato combined with a walrus tusk with an accidental inclusion of a naked mole rat resulted in the creation of Ghrelin. The sentient homunculus grew in size rather fast, from the size of a potato to that of a pumpkin in less than a week. Ghrelin grew smarter as well, under rather weird circumstances; the little beast was eating just about everything he could reach, including the belongings of the unfortunate student, when he accidentally (or so he claims) ate a book to see how it tastes. The result was quite fascinating; Ghrelin sucked every word out of the book (both literally and metaphorically) and acquired the contained knowledge, including a basic understanding of human speech. From that point on the homonculus ate a great variety of books, scrolls and other texts and by the time the student was noticed to be missing, Ghrelin was gone, knowing he would become the subject of research and experiments if he got captured.

For three years Ghrelin spent his time reading more books, eating some of them, and looking for the meaning of life. The few unlucky people who actually saw him were either disgusted and ran away, or tried to run him off. However, he did find a friend in a small group of Kaerns that lived in some windy cavernous tunnels. Ghrelin would often cook for them, help repair their gear, and even mine from time to time for gems. After a year, the Kaerns moved on, and so did the homonculus. Realizing the vastness of the knowledge he had accumulated, and how versatile his skillset was, Gherlin searched up and down the whole continent for a job. After countless rejections, he eventually found himself employed as the butler of Castle Sin.



Ghrelin can bounce at a speed of 10mph, or float at a maximum height of 4 feet at half that speed. He can jump 3 feet into the air, or up to 8 with a 'charging' preparation of about 10 seconds during which he condenses his body to use like a spring. He has a jaw crushing power of 3000 kgs per square inch and can bite through bone, tree bark, and almost any other organic solid with ease. Harder materials require more effort and usually time, but few materials can withstand his jaws for long. Additionally, he can (and will) swallow and digest anything that can enter his mouth, with little to no distinction. Due to the mysterious magic that governs his digestive processes, he is not effected by most poisons or any kind of concoctions (with the notable exception of Kaernian wine). He once drank a vat of acid and only displayed a minor tummyache. He is not invincible, however, especially to external trauma.

The most wondrous quality of Ghrelin's digestive properties is what is called 'alchemization'. Anything he has eaten whole can be repurposed to a wide variety of results. For instance, he can eat raw iron ore and spit out a bar of processed iron, or eat tin and copper and spit out bronze. Most interestingly, he can process the materials; he can eat salt, pepper, mutton and butter and spit out well-seasoned lamb-chops, cooked to order. By far the most amazing use of this property, however, is spell-eating. Depending on the applicability of the spell, Ghrelin can eat it and either digest it safely, or spit it out in the form or a scroll or other components.

Ghrelin's alchemization makes him an excellent crafter. If he knows how an item works or is designed, he can consume the materials and (literally) spit it out. Furthermore, he can store materials and items inside his body, without even affecting his body mass. He has been able to swallow a bed, a lamp, a chest of clothes, a chest of light weapons and armor, a few sheets, a locker containing provisions for a week (along with a pixie and her frog pet), and a tent big enough to cover all of these, without demonstrating any discomfort or change in weight or size. The limits of this storage space is, as of yet, unknown. However, if he holds too much he has been known to forget what is what and digest some of them, especially organic compounds. As such, asking him to store pets or provisions is not the wisest of actions.


He can put some chefs to shame, even if his process is best not observed.
His literary results are arguable, but his speed is phenomenal; he eats ink and a blank book and spits out the printed result.
Lickety split and licked clean.
Mostly abstract, internalized themes with various bright colors; they are the most tasty.
Small items with amazing success. Larger items with some difficulty and arguable results.
Usually bass or baritone, although he holds the Castle's record for belch rapping.
Nevermind the dog; the butler bites.
Spell scribe
Forbidden to try this anywhere outside the lab.
Hats, little birds, the color red, the smell of cooked pork, and cheese.
Expensive looking pants, dogs, porcupines, badgers, heights, and food with cinnamon in it.
Other traits
Afraid of drowning (can’t swim).
Can suffer burns, cuts, bruises, and bleeding on the outside.
Has keen sense of smell.
Snoring sounds like a pack of owls (still a mystery).
Often longs for a day where he can travel the world at a height other than 4 feet off the ground.