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[[Neketh]] imbued the cyan Wheel of Ether Power, which contains the following five fragments:
{{DeityLink|Neketh}} imbued the cyan Wheel of Ether Power, which contains the following five fragments:

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{{#tip-text: Neketh |

}} imbued the cyan Wheel of Ether Power, which contains the following five fragments:


The Fragment of the Elements was the one that played the most important role in giving life to the incorporeal Shards. Then the elements taught them how to cauterize wounds, how to breath, how to swim and drink and last but not least how to make the earth fertile. Those chosen by the Elements are called Elementalists and they wield the power of Air, Fire, Earth and Water. Apart from the devastation they can cause, these individuals are a great asset for any group of warriors or explorers as they can use their powers to heal injuries, cleanse maladies and disrupt enemy tactics.

An Elementalist can master skills of Fire, Air, Earth and Water.


The Fragment of Arcana was the spark that the mortals needed in order to delve deep into scientific exploration. Many scholars and scribes has been touched by this fragment and it is rumored that the Fragment of Arcana is responsible for granting people common sense and academic curiosity. Those tampering the energies of this fragment are called Arcanists. These individuals can shape the spill of the Ether around them to cast powerful spells that can manipulate the laws of the Cosmos and its contents. They dictate new, albeit temporary laws, in the form of wards and enchantments, change the form of matter, command forces, and so on. Some say they have even mastered control over time itself.

An Arcanist can master skills of Mysticism, Incantation, Enchantment and Chronomancy.


The Fragment of Harmony is responsible for the clarity of spirit and the well being of the soul of Mortals. It is also the fragment that gave birth to poets, writers, singers and actors. A Harmonist is an artist that has managed to evolve his art to a tool (or a weapon) that can physically affect the world around him. He is a chanter of words that carry will and power, which that can boost the morale of his allies, sow fear to his enemies or exploit faults in the strongest weapon or armor. And those Harmonists that delve into the more abstract find that they can cajole other forces to lend their aid, including the elements, spirits, or, perhaps, even gods.

A Harmonist can master skills of Elicitation, Narration, Exhibition and Invocation.


The Fragment of Mentalism governs sentience and sapience to their extremes, and it is often referred to as an anchor of sanity. A Mentalist hones his art constantly, and discovers more about the mind with each step forward. Reading thoughts, telepathic communication, object reading, and similar feats are common for someone that explores the unknown potential of mindscapes, but even those feats pale in front of what master Mentalists can achieve; muddling their opponents' senses with indistinguishable illusions, controlling their very thoughts - and thus, often, actions - enforcing emotions, and so on. But hushed rumors claim of a further step of evolution in the path of a Mentalist, where they can enforce their thoughts into reality itself, manifesting their wishes by shaping the world to accommodate them.

A Mentalist can master skills of Illusion, Divination, Psyche and Thought Projection.


The Primal Fragment gave birth and nurtured the majority of the mortal primal instincts. Moreover it enabled the communication with the wise spirits of the land, making it possible for the mortal races to cultivate it in order to survive. Those that follow the path of the Primalist are able to tap into the land itself, rousing its beasts and inciting its forces to act. They can aggravate mortal minds into a rage that can only be quenched by bloodbath, or calm the weary to serenity, for both are extremes of natural states. Elder Primalists can call upon more ancient spirits, bestowing boons, invoking curses or even summoning ancient horrors themselves to loose upon their enemies; and those that are one with the Land may attempt to rouse it itself, bringing untold calamities upon the heads of those that provoked them.

A Primalist can master skills of Awakening, Instinct, Rancor and Calamity.