People of the Land: Kaerns

Excerpts from the Book of Kaernian Studies: “The reason behind the increased body weight of Kaerns lies in their skeletal composition and follicular structure. Both sexes of Kaerns lack hair, including body hair, entirely, and instead feature a head crest and skin sprouts – sometimes called scales – of organic stone. Their entire skeletal structure […]


Introducing the talented sound and music composers of Jinx: Womb of Cosmos!

From the development team of Jinx: Womb of Cosmos, there are two exceptional and very talented individuals that handle the game’s sound and music: Asimakis Reppas, and Thanos Zampoukas, and in this blog post they will be answering a few questions about their work, their influences and their involvement in our upcoming fantasy RPG. We […]


Item & Crafting Presentation!

Items. Treasure, rewards, loot, spoils. They are often an integral part in the familiar RPG experience, regardless of the exact form they assume. Jinx: Womb of Cosmos has its own share of items, neatly divided into a few distinct categories depending on their use. Along with Gold (the abstract measure that acts as a representation […]


New Marketing Director Announcement

Dear Fans! As we are progressing with the development and working hard to shape the game according to our plan, we are at the same time seeking for new colleagues and expanding our team. Today we are happy to announce that George Mamakos has joined forces with us! George will add his valuable experience to […]


Making of a Monster Contest

There you are! Yes, of course I mean you, who did you think I meant? I heard you were interested in ancient lore and forbidden knowledge, and given a little… misconduct… someone perpetrated on the Archives, there may just be a tidbit or two I can share. And you can shape. What do I mean […]


Welcome to Jinxrealm.com!

Welcome! Come in, come in, don’t be shy! We’re open! You must be weary. What brings you around these parts? You’re interested in Jinx, you say? Quite the rascal, that one. All brooding and mysterious, and hiding so many wonderfully delicious little secrets. Oh, but I shouldn’t say – secrets are half the fun, especially […]