Follow the path of heroes, face dastardly (or outright mean) villains, brave dungeons, embark on quests, chase your destiny!

Experience a story of gothic fantasy, expanded to an epic scale through the eyes of the most unlikliest of heroes. ...and honestly, some villains are really horrible.



Step up to the challenge and put your strategic genius to the test, or pace yourself and defeat the opposition through overwhelming force.

A classic turn-based, skill-focused combat system with an impressive depth and hundreds of strategies to adopt and experiment with.



Skills to cultivate, Talents to hone, Weapons to master.

Each step of the journey will make you more powerful and offer more options to overcome the hurdles on the way. Over a hundred skills and at least three different types of upgradeable powers await mastery.



Alchemical Crystals, mysterious Trinkets, a variety of Trophies, and more, to find, fix, improve and combine into ultimate forms.

Enjoy a crafting system that keeps the focus on the result without overcomplicating things. Choose specialization or adaptability, or put in the extra effort to achieve both.



Lands of Lore, full of lost marvels, ancient secrets, occult knowledge, and more, await discovery. And most bear their own rewards as well, of course.

Explore expansive areas to find secret caches, lost treasure, piece together forgotten lore, and requisition unclaimed experience points. Keep an eye out for rare Easter Eggs ("Easter" is a kind of chicken in Amelor).



Explore, rennovate, expand and utilize every inch of the ancient Theocratic Cathedral that you call home. Or prison. A vault, galleries, archives, halls and more, and naturally the servants to help you keep everything in order.

An upgradeable "home base" that will become the base of your operations and hold everything you find in your adventures that isn't nailed to the ground; gold, treasure, crafting materials, monster lore, keepsakes, souvenirs...



Oversee the interactions between a slew of intriguing characters, learn their likes, dislikes, aspirations and goals (whether you want to or not), and decide for yourself if canine poetry is all it's rumored to be.

Explore a dialogue system that allows you to highlight or stiffle personality aspects to shape dialogue in the way you'd prefer it to go. Suffer through subtle (and overt) humor.