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Full Name: Sir Brennus "Blood" O' Brimble
Aliases: Blood
Race: Bulldog
Gender: Very Male
Age: Late teens
Height: Tall enough to bite where it hurts.
Weight: Undisclosed
Fur: Soft beige with brown splotches
Eyes: Blood red

Occupation: Poetic companion and all-around sensitive soul.
Family Status: Unknown
Marital Status: Single but one can only hope.



Common Equipment

Blood's tools of the trade is an enchanted war harness, known as a Cruor Harness. Blood detests misspellings or mispronunciations of "cruel harness" varieties, and his own has been named "Clarette".

Personality Traits

Blood is usually a mellow, artistic individual that strives to find new experiences and philosophical meaning. He tries hard at art - although arguably he meets with little success - and is generally in a friendly disposition, making him an interesting... person... to keep the company of.

Woe to those that see his tempers rise, though, because they do so rapidly, and go through the roof.


"Love is of all passions the strongest, for it attacks simultaneously the head, the heart and the limbs." - Blood
"Sometimes he lets his actions be dictated by instinct, but he is a dependable ally." - Colleen
"..." - Jinx
"How ungrateful! He never appreciates fine cuisine." - Ghrelin


Common Powers

Blood has a lot of "expert tricks" he considers favorite, and they even bleed into his everyday habits: {{#tip-text: Tail chasing | }}, {{#tip-text: flexing |

}}, {{#tip-text: masticating |

Masticating Tenderizer image
Masticating Tenderizer
Vicious Maw

Duration: Instant

Prerequisites: Jaws of Fury

Borrowing a technique from his bovine friends, but utilizing his canine fangs, Blood snaps on an extremity and chews sideways, dealing moderate damage to a single target but also inflicting moderate Bleeding for 2 rounds.

Mid-Rush: The normal effect's Bleeding damage is increased depending on the number of actions already executed in the Rush, and the duration of the Bleeding is increased depending on the number of actions remaining in the Rush.

}}, {{#tip-text: digging |

Earth-Splitting Rake image
Earth-Splitting Rake
Savage Claws

Duration: Instant

Prerequisites: 3pts of Savage Claws Tricks

Other dogs dig for hours to find a bone. Blood has noticed than when he uses that technique on bodies, he finds tons of them with minimal effort - pity he has little to do with them. This attack deals moderate damage to a single target, and has a moderate chance to inflict additional standard damage.

Mid-Rush: In addition to the normal effect, with a bonus to the chance for extra damage depending on Rush actions already executed, every subsequent action in the Rush has a small chance to inflict additional standard damage.

}}, and so on. When a foe threatens to overwhelm him, he breaks out the heavy weapons: {{#tip-text: Puppy Eyes |

Puppy Eyes image
Puppy Eyes
Underhanded Tricks

Duration: 1 round

Prerequisites: None

What kind of horrible monster would hit someone with that expression? Shame on it! Enemies become less likely to target Blood. If he is hit by an enemy before the duration lapses, he gets +1 Rush Action.

}} and {{#tip-text: Tail Wagging |

Tail Wagging image
Tail Wagging
Underhanded Tricks

Duration: 3 rounds

Prerequisites: Puppy Eyes

Just as fang-bearing is a sign of hostility, tail-wagging is a gesture of friendship. Blood has noticed that using both concurrently tends to confuse onlookers, and uses the trick with aplomb. A single target is affected with Confusion for 1 round. Every other enemy has a moderate chance of being affected by Confusion for 1 round.

}} have been the downfall of many an arrogant (and careless) bandit.

Usual Tactics

Unless the opponent is powerful enough to warrant the use of underhanded tricks, there is no particular rhyme or reason in Blood's approach to combat; attacking fast (ideally first), pressing on the attack, and employing overwhelming force is the usual plan.

And if the bloodied, broken enemies actually survive the onslaught? He's only pumped up even more, and ready to redouble his efforts.