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Main Characters

Jinx is a mysterious figure. He is a master Elementalist that never speaks - in fact, no one has seen him remove his mask, even to eat - and seems to alternate between apparent aimless wandering or waiting, and a convoluted agenda that no one seems able to fathom; not even his closest allies.

Colleen is an Ursidae Beastman and a former Shield of Zhaal, trained as a royal guard and bodyguard. No one seems her equal in defensive tactics, strategic avoidance, or her capability to protect her allies in battle. Still, there's a melancholic air about her, as if her conscience weights upon her.

Blood is a sensitive, poetic soul, trapped in the body of an easily enraged bulldog. That doesn't stop him from being a devout vegetarian, attempting to write poetry, try his paw at painting, test his allies' ears with composing and (worse) singing, and similar intellectual, cultural pursuits. Of course, he won't mind too much giving in to his blood lust against people or creatures that threaten his allies. He doesn't enjoy it, though, no matter what dissenters try to claim.

Supporting Cast

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Ghrelin is a potato... the result of an alchemical experiment including vegetables and an unfortunate mammal that was at the wrong place at the wrong time. He has an impressive capability of combining items, albeit with a disturbing process, and a more impressive capacity for said objects, despite his size. He is the acting butler of Castle Sin.


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