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Full Name: Colleen Sangours de le Bouclier
Aliases: Colleen
Race: Beastman (Ursidae)
Gender: Female
Age: 27
Height: 5'7" (1.70m)
Weight: 79
Hair: White, medium length, with a very long braid
Eyes: Chestnut brown

Occupation: Bodyguard
Family Status: Disowned
Marital Status: Single



Common Equipment

Colleen is practiced (some would say expert) in the usage of many weapon disciplines, ranging from sword and shield to spear to bow, but she is particular to mace and shield. She often uses Blaknoir and Coeur.

Personality Traits

Colleen adopts a serious expression the overwhelming majority of the time, leading observers to conclude she has had a lot of misfortune in her life. She's often silent, and responds laconically and irritably when she's forced otherwise. She prefers deeds from words - and often judges similarly - and chooses to lead by example.

She is uncommonly strict, especially to herself, and is quite displeased when the results of her attempts aren't perfect. As a result, she is often found repeating tasks even when the results are successful by most observations.


"I have lost battles, and I have lost wars. I will not lose another ward." - Colleen
"Bitter flower, covered in grace, driven by honor and blind to emotion." - Blood
"..." - Jinx
"She smells like a bear but don't tell her that I said so!" - Ghrelin


Colleen is a Bulwark, specially trained as an honor guard and bodyguard.

Common Powers

Colleen's training as a {{#tip-text: Royal Guard |

}} and a {{#tip-text: Bodyguard |

Bodyguard image

Duration: 5 rounds

Cooldown: 5 rounds

Prerequisites: None

Colleen is skilled in interposing herself between allies and enemies, and she does so with fervor. If her Block Chance and efficiency are better than target ally's, attacks against that ally use Colleen's Block Chance and efficiency.

}} are evident, and lend to her her most common - and most effective - techniques. Beyond that, she is adaptable enough to utilize any tactics as suit the situation, although she favors her shield a lot, both for defense, for example by {{#tip-text: holding the line | }}, and offense, such as the almost always unexpected {{#tip-text: Shield Charge |

Shield Charge image
Shield Charge
Shield Mastery

Duration: Instant

Cooldown: None

Prerequisites: Shield Bash

A full-body lunge with the shield as the impact point, dealing standard damage and having a moderate chance to infclict Prone to the target.


Usual Tactics

Colleen is a bodyguard and a tactician, and those facts are evident in every aspect of her decisions in combat. She has a structured, compartmentalized approach in any engagement, starting always with ensuring the safety of her wards and securing any advantages that can be had, then maintaining a set of tactics tailored for the situation, and often concludes the battle by turning the opponents' attacks against them.

In very specific circumstances, Colleen elects to attempt resolution by means of honor, issuing a Challenge.



Colleen was the first female of her race to ever join the highly esteemed Shields of Zhaal, a knightly order founded by the Great Beastman Commander Uthul. Through extensive training and studies that included everything a young noble knight should know, Colleen was forged to be the perfect bodyguard.

Alas, for unknown reasons, every single person she has ever been assigned to protect has died. The circumstances around these deaths were always deemed strange (or suspicious), but the fact remains that she was never nearby when her wards perished. This unfortunate situation turned her into persona non grata for her folk. Even her own parents were reluctant to take her back home.

Colleen decided to leave her kin and travel west and through the Valley of Hearts, all the way to the ancient Kingdom of Abrazat (which is a mere myth) and recover Yn Ailenaid, a shield that allegedly belonged to a legendary Ursidae hero named Moorkie.

Recent History

During her travels she stumbled upon Ghrelin who proposed to her to become Jinx's personal bodyguard (he just needed some company) and she gladly accepted the task.