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Full Name: Unknown
Aliases: Jinx
Race: Unknown
Gender: Presumably Male
Age: Unknown
Height: 5'9" (1.75m)
Weight: Unknown
Hair: Unknown
Eyes: Unknown

Occupation: Wandering mage
Family Status: Unknown
Marital Status: Single



Jinx is quite well-built, for a presumed mage. His presence alone is often enough to exude mystery and sow fear, or at least nervousness, but two commonly observed traits reinforce those feelings: he never removes his mask, and he doesn't seem to walk, but float an inch off the ground.

Common Equipment

Jinx wields Jester's Laugh when he decides a foe is beneath magic - a sentient, massive war maul that often floats about Jinx and occasionally utters wry comments and black humor.

People would expect Jinx to wear robes common among mages, but he seems to prefer an amalgam of soft leather and metal, which is more of an armor than an attire.

Personality Traits

Jinx is detached to the point of apathy. He never speaks, which has lead many to believe he is mute, and his unique way of performing magic without any vocalization is both unnerving and impressive, especially to experienced mages.


"..." - Jinx
"I won't fail him." - Colleen
"A powerful soul trapped in a cursed body." - Blood
"Everything for the Master!" - Ghrelin
"Why would anyone call his home 'Castle Sin'?" - Wraithrim villager


Jinx is an accomplished Elementalist, and is becoming increasingly well-known after the destruction of Wraithrim.

Common Powers

Jinx is particular about efficiency; Multiple-target fire spells like {{#tip-text: Immolating Orb |

}}, Earthen protection such as awarded by {{#tip-text: Armor of Stone Shards |

Armor of Stone Shards image

Armor of Stone Shards


Duration: 3 rounds

Cooldown: 5 rounds

Prerequisites: None

Tiny scales of stone gather on the skin, providing a standard-power Enhancement to Armor and a minor Enhancement to Block chance. Any attacks received in the duration have a low chance of inflicting Disarm on the attacker.

}}, Air healing by means of {{#tip-text: Nourishing Breeze |

Nourishing Breeze image

Nourishing Breeze


Duration: Instant

Cooldown: None

Prerequisites: 1pt of Air Talents

A soft, sweet breeze that revitalizes the target, granting moderate, proportional healing and removing Disruptions.

}}, and Water control such as {{#tip-text: Chilling Mist |

Chilling Mist image

Chilling Mist


Duration: Instant

Cooldown: 3 rounds

Prerequisites: 1pt of Water Talents

The humidity in the air is condensed and turns frigid, covering everything in a layer of frost. Every enemy has a low chance to be afflicted by Blindness for 1 round, is dealt low water damage and those that do not fully resist the injury have a moderate chance to be afflicted with Chill for 3 rounds.

}}, he has favorites for each situation, and doesn't hesitate to use them.

Usual Tactics

Jinx prefers matching his efforts to the potency of the opposition, often relying on his vast knowledge and a careful inspection to judge what is needed to finish a battle quickly and decisively; in conclusion, he often ends up utilizing the direct, raw power of Fire to handle that.

Although little is known of his precise powers, most of his foes that are lucky enough to survive spread rumors about his pyromantic prowess. Apparently, he doesn't hesitate much before causing solitary creatures to spontaneously combust, or toss exploding spheres in the midst of groups of bandits.

Very little is known about his expertise in other Elements as well, utilizing them for control, defense or even healing, and even less is known about his ability to combine Elements in outstandingly destructive effects - probably because not many that witness such effects survive.




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