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The world of Amelor is central to the Cosmos, at least according to the scholars that dwell in it.


The continent of Ellevar is the largest continent of Amelor, and it is divided in regions based on both the politics of the mortal races that reside in it and its geographical features.

Valley of Hearts

Capital: Sheldrak's Fist


Located at the foot of the largest of the three pillar-shaped mountains called the Three Fingers, the small, secluded village used to make ends meet as a trade and rest stop for those daring enough to explore the accursed dungeons of the now-desolate Sheldrak's Fist, the once horrific correctional facility of the Theocracy. It has been recently occupied by the Sandthorn Company, which seeks to use it as a base of operation in order to clear the surrounding lands of the dangers they harbor, especially the bandit camps to the south.

Sheldrak's Fist

A large fortress used as a correctional facility and prison for those deemed heretic by the Theocracy. It is said that more than three thousand have lost their lives either by being tortured to death or directly executed. It was named after a ruthless, yet efficient, Imperial General who was later appointed as the first Inquisitor of the Theocracy.

Few know of the extend of the dungeons of Sheldrak's Fist, but it is often said that each new torture technique devised while it was active had the Grand Inquisitor order a new area built - rumors speak of over twenty such dungeons, 'themed' around a specific torture.


Located in the mountains of the northern edge of the valley, An'Axur utilizes a vast complex of natural caverns, expanded by carefully engineered areas and corridors, to create a labyrinthine underground structure that was used as a supply depot by the Theocracy, although many suggest that the design of the area is far too deliberate, too complex, to be just that. Not few are those that suspect it had been a vault for the most dangerous - and most priceless - items, but the truth remains that no one knows for certain what lies below its maze.

Recent ventures to An'Axur by prospecting explorers have lead to rumors about cultists having moved in, probably of the cult of the Scouring Eye.

Cemetery of the Unfaithful

A large expanse around the feet of a truly colossal statue of Mhortai, the Cemetery of the Unfaithful is a barren land full of piles of bones or rotting corpses, holding the unfortunates (or, depending on viewpoint, lucky ones) disposed by Sheldrak's Fist.

Some would expect that with the stop of more corpses arriving from Sheldrak's Fist the piles of rotting corpses would give way to piles of bones exclusively, but so far this has not been the case - it appears that corpses still find their way into the grounds, one way or another.

Scholars generally agree that this now-accursed area was one of the first places touched by the Pestilence.

Sylvan Scar

The forest that encompasses most of the valley's central lands consists of many distinct forested areas, but is collectively known as the Sylvan Scar for reasons that have been lost in the annals of the valley's history. The Hedge covers most of the southern edge of the forest, and it is as far as most people that approach it from that direction reach, its enchantments confusing those that walk in it and preventing them from finding their way. The northeast is an inhospitable, jungle-like territory full of dangerous predators, aptly named Voracious Wilds, and to the east lies an area now called Blistering Bosk, as it has been defiled by the Pestilence into a hostile thicket straight out of a nightmare.

The dangers that the forest's outskirts present mean that very few manage to reach its inner areas, the fey-touched part known as Muddling Woods, which is truly a place of fantastic wonders and exotic, imaginative dangers, and the lush, pure area known as the Grove of Irral Doraanar, which houses the circle of standing stones called the Elder Ring, and is the only area where presumably talking bears can be found, as well as Flooflees.

Lake of Hearts

The lake at the heart of the valley takes up about a third of its total area, and is the reason behind the valley's name, at least combined with the Lovers' Cliff. It is considered a place of mystery, because although it is large enough to see ships utilizing its waters, it is mostly used by pirates for quick escapes and the convenience of the many hiding places in its uncharted waters. Rumors of a ghost ship are largely unsubstantiated.

Lovers' Cliff

A cliff hanging over the Lake of Hearts' western shore and probably the reason for its name. The cliff itself is quite a sight, with an outcropping jutting out of the almost vertical cliff over the lake's waters, surrounded by waterfalls and bearing one of the best views of the entire lake, but it is the legend around it that most people remember. According to it, if two lovers jump from it into the lake, they will descend into a slumber below the waters, dreaming of a common, happy life together, for eternity. The currents formed from the cliff's location and the waterfalls make it all but impossible to look for bodies there, assuming they are not swept up by those currents to unknown areas of the lake, and so the myth is propagated.

Portal of Pestilence

The number of people who know of this portal can be counted in the fingers of one hand, so far, and only because of Fortune's apparent interest in an interpid explorer's exploits. It is located in the center of the Blistering Bosk, and possibly the reason behind its defiled present condition. It is theorized that it leads directly to the plane of Pestilence.