There are uncountable records of historical facts, assumptions, philosophical conundrums, and secrets, in the Cosmos, and no one place to archive them all save perhaps for Kyuval's own archives.

Within those archives, presumably, one could find anything about the most esoteric workings of the world, and details about every corner of Amelor.

There are documents about the world itself, prominent ruling powers and their organizations, along with recent events that have shaped the world.

There are exploration records revealing details about the lands within Amelor, in Ellevar or beyond, such as the Valley of Hearts.

In the deepest corners of the archives one can even find secrets of the gods themselves, the powers of the wheels that they granted to the mortal races, and even scriptures that transcribe the cosmogony of the Cosmos.

And, for the thorough reader, there are texts for just about anything that mortalkind dabbles in, such as journals collecting myths and legends or details on the currently used calendar.

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