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Perennial Deities

Created with the Cosmos, or brought into existence along with their domain, Perennial Deities just are. Their existence and presence is often obvious in the workings of their domain, but there is little proof of their existence other than through the miracles performed by their most devout followers.

Symbol of Aalistre

Perennial Deity (ah-LEE-streh)

Goddess of Corruption

Mistress of Secrets, The Grey Princess

Symbol of Caranthor

Perennial Deity (CAR-an-thor)

God of Fear

The Abject Fear, The Phantasm of Dread, The Echoing Death

Symbol of Eo

Perennial Deity (EE-oh)

Goddess of Life

The Landscaper, The Crown of Dawn, The Cultivating Hand, The Homesteading Maiden

Symbol of Fortune

Perennial Deity

Goddess of Luck

Lady Luck, Miss Fortune, The Fickle One, Arbiter of Fate

Symbol of Golgoth & Golgotha
Golgoth & Golgotha

Perennial Deities

Twin Gods of Murder and Torture.

The Crimson Slayers, The Bane of Innocence, Troupe of Pain

Symbol of Kyrill

Perennial Deity

God of Time

Keeper of the Hourglass, Lord Continuance, The Lost

In 1776 DR, Kyrill's clergy lost any connection to him. Some presume him dead, but his clergy hasn't given up on trying to locate him.

Symbol of Kyuval

Perennial Deity (KyOO-val)

God of Knowledge

The Erudite, The Sagacious Skeptic, The Preceptor of Sapience, The Prudent Pedagogue

Symbol of Mhortai

Perennial Deity (more-TAI)

God of Highborn

The Ravenlord, The Starcrossed, The Thrice-Born, The Oppressor, The Broken, The Divine Puppet

Scholars wonder if it could be the same Mhortai as in 'Mhortai the Noble', loyal protector and Judge of the Living, mentioned in scriptures of ages past.

Symbol of Najarah

Perennial Deity (na-TZA-ra)

Goddess of Endurance

The Sand Dancer, Najara of the Desert

Symbol of Onyx

Perennial Deity

God of Deception

The Protean Blade, The Shadowed Stalker, The Coin Conjurer

Symbol of Silence

Perennial Deity

Goddess of Tranquility

Apatheia, Empress of Lethargy, The Soothing Hymn

Grandmother of Skiar Chon.

Symbol of Skiar Chon
Skiar Chon

Perennial Deity (SKEE-ar KHON)

God of Nightmares

The Night Tyrant, The Trance Stalker, The Slumbering Terror

Symbol of Ylandi

Perennial Deity (yee-LAND-ee)

Goddess of Justice

The Justiciar, The Lawgiver, The Chained God, The Tortured Judge

Symbol of Xylia

Perennial Deity (ZEE-lee-ah)

Goddess of Forests

The Glade Wanderer, The Green Cherub, Keeper of Groves

Ascended Deities

Born as mortals or otherwise existing in some mortal form before becoming Gods, Ascended Deities are closer to the realm of man than any other deity or power. Some of them may have walked the world for years before their ascension to godhood, and are quite familiar with the hardships of mortal life. Such deities often gather a lot of followers, especially among those that live in "holy lands" that said deity used to travel on.

Symbol of Allura, Merill, Trista
Allura, Merill, Trista

Ascended Deities

Gods of Innocence

The Blessed Triplets, The Incorruptible, Childhood's Wards, The Mud Children

Symbol of Aurius

Ascended Deity (AWE-ree-oos)

God of Honor

The Redeemer, The Dutiful Guardian, The Burdened Herald

Symbol of Jester

Ascended Deity

God of Mischief

The Trickster, The Masked Madman, Whisperer of Nothings

Symbol of Knight Zhal
Knight Zhal

Ascended Deity

Goddess of Righteousness

The Holy Protector, The Archon of Virtue, The Shield of Perseverance

Aurius' Chosen, and widely regarded as Golgoth and Golgotha's sworn enemy.

Symbol of Lalaith

Ascended Deity (LA-la-ith)

Goddess of Hatred

The Scorned, The Shrill Scream, The Harbinger of Retribution

Symbol of Leos

Ascended Deity

God of Love

The Principal Yearning, The Emissary of Passion, The Patron of Arts

Evorthrae's Lover.

Symbol of Lord Narcheed
Lord Narcheed

Ascended Deity (NAR-keed)

God of Arrogance

The Onliest Reflection, The Immaculate Argent, The Abstruse Perfection

Symbol of Marduk

Ascended Deity

God of Plundering

The Pirate King, Taker of Riches, The Treasure Hunter

Symbol of Raune

Ascended Deity (ROW-ne)

Goddess of the Dead

Minstrel of Requiems, Scourge of the Unclean, Nevara's Breath

Symbol of Rithenil

Ascended Deity (REETH-en-eel (hard 'th', like 'Earth'))

God of Revolution

The Flagbearer, Avatar of Courage, The Mountainborn

Symbol of Shear

Ascended Deity

God of Destruction

The Desiccator, Mist of Extinction, The Ever-rotting

Symbol of Thraxos

Ascended Deity (THRA-xos)

God of Undeath

The Spirit Trapper, Bane of Souls, The Archlich

Symbol of Xhaer

Ascended Deity (ZHA-er)

Goddess of Swordmanship

The Bladefury, The Battle Champion, The Caged Deity

Rithenil's Consort.

Primordial Forces

The Elemental Sovereigns are primordial entities, the literal embodiment of the raw, primal elements found in the Cosmos. They do not concern themselves with mortal disputes, and do not identify with - or recognize - classifications of ethics, like "good" and "evil".

Scholars suggest that while the Sovereigns may assume smaller elemental shapes to interact with the world, those avatars remain colossal; to move in their true form would change the shape of the world.

Symbol of Ethrenos

Primordial Force (E-thre-nos (hard 'th', as in 'Earth'))

The Elemental Sovereign of Fire and Earth

Master of the Forge, The Molten Wrath

Patron of crafters.

Symbol of Lungdus

Primordial Force (LUNG-doos)

The Elemental Sovereign of Water

Tamer of Waves, Baron of Tides, The Great Purger

Symbol of Nevera

Primordial Force (ne-VEE-rah)

The Elemental Sovereign of Air

The Stormbringer, The Wind Rider

Raune's Paramour.

Draconic Powers

The Dragon Deities were the first Gods to emerge in Amelor; Children of The Four, and Grandchildren of The Void himself, every other cosmic power treats them with respect born either out of fear or admiration.

The Dragons are considered creator gods, as they supposedly breathed life into the race of the Shards, and turned them into the four (some say five) major races that exist today.

Symbol of Pabschakri, The Fierce Red
Pabschakri, The Fierce Red

Draconic Power (pab-SHA-kree)

Dragon God of Might

The Dragonlord

Mhortai's progeny, the first Kaernian.

Symbol of Naixen, The Ether Cyan
Naixen, The Ether Cyan

Draconic Power (NEY-zen)

Dragon Goddess of Magic

Reverie Muse, The Vestige Queen

Neketh's chosen.

Symbol of Evorthrae, the Sly White
Evorthrae, the Sly White

Draconic Power (ae-vore-THRA-ee (hard 'th', like 'Earth'))

Dragon Goddess of Seduction

The Scaled Captive, The Concubine, The Lustbringer

Symbol of Edartabor, The Lost Viridescent
Edartabor, The Lost Viridescent

Draconic Power (ae-DART-a-bore)

Dragon Goddess of Nature

The Serene Wing, Seraph of Peace

Ethrenos' savior.


The Oversouls are a collection of lesser souls (often powerful entities, but can potentially be as simple as mortal) that collectively have power and reach equivalent to that of Gods, and are thus elevated in status; although not Godhood, something very close.

Symbol of Council of Pestilence
Council of Pestilence


Divine entities of Pestilence

The Iridescent Riders, The Plaguebringers

Distant Deities

The distant deities are unknown to the common man, and even most scholars. They may be beings of such cosmic power that no mortal can even remotely relate to, or entities that never harbored followers, temples or dogma. Some may be referenced in academia as cosmic truths, others may only be found in whispered legends or drunken tales.

Symbol of The Void
The Void

Distant Deity

Higher Power

Creator of Cosmos, The Veiled Power, The Distant, The Occult

Symbol of Lady of Sorrows
Lady of Sorrows

Distant Deity

Divine entity of bad omens

The Mud Dancer, She of the Rain

Symbol of The Queen
The Queen

Unknown entity


Often confused as "Goddess of the Unknown".

Symbol of Nekethitzemarilius, the All Seeing Dragon
Nekethitzemarilius, the All Seeing Dragon

Distant Deity

Dragon God of Magic


Progenitor of the Draconian race, and seer of immense intuition. Presumed dead.

Symbol of Dandrak

Distant Deity (DAHN-drahk)

God of Nature

The Green Father

Possible creator of nature and wildlife. Presumed dead.

Symbol of Amelor

Divine Personification (AH-meh-lore)

The World

Personification of the entire world. Most scholars disagree if she was ever an actual deity.

Symbol of Aalis

Unknown entity

Very little is known, even by the most learned of scholars, about this name mentioned in obscure texts discussing cosmogony. It's possible she was a daughter of Amelor; possibly an early personification of a continent, or a mortal trait.

Symbol of Unknown

Unknown entity

The Ewer of Mysteries, The Cryptic Mind, The Insoluble Puzzle

Symbol of Ovankith

Distant Deity (OH-van-kith)

God of Reincarnation

Husk of Metempsychosis, The Everlasting Serpent, The Ceaseless Wheel

Presumed, ironically, dead.