Talents are special natural abilities that grant someone a capacity for success in a field that most people don't have.

A lot of people never fully utilize their talents, due to circumstances or lack of motivation, but when adventurers or, better yet, heroes have a talent that suits their career, they often make it shine bright enough that legends form around it.

Inspect (Jinx)

Jinx focuses on an opponent, mind rushing through familiar history, known lore and experienced actions, attempting to find the pattern and recognize the hints that would allow a better understanding of the opposition.

Jinx seems to demonstrate a lot of talents, particularly in an aptitude for magic, but drawing upon knowledge - particularly ancient lore or lost tales - appears to be both very commonly used and impressively effective.

The Inspect command requires a single enemy target, and puts Jinx in an “observation” state. The targeted opponent provides double amount of Lore Experience and potentially updates the available enemy information.
  • At level 20, “Inspect” changes into “Mental Scrutiny”, and the targeted enemy provides triple the amount of Lore Experience instead. Jinx gains +30 to his Ether score against the inspected target, for the rest of the combat.
  • At level 40, “Mental Scrutiny” changes into “Transcendent Eye”. Jinx also gains +30 to his Armor and Resilience against the inspected target, for the rest of the combat.
  • At Epic Level 10, “Transcendent Eye” changes into “Ethereal Comprehension”, and all traits of the targeted enemy are instantly revealed. The inspected target has all elemental and Malady resistances reduced by 25% against Jinx’s Spells.

Challenge (Colleen)

Colleen stands forward, declaring her lineage and honour, and issues a singular challenge that cannot be ignored. The rest of the battle fades around the two combatants, as they become locked in a dance of life and death.

Colleen's talents are a culmination of a lifetime of training and experience, and they show most on honor duels.

The Challenge command requires a single enemy target. During the Challenge, the following effects apply:
  1. Colleen cannot use Challenge again until either the currently challenged enemy, or herself, fall. If Colleen is the one that falls, she cannot issue a Challenge on the same enemy for the rest of the combat.
  2. The challenged enemy’s Enmity for Colleen is set to maximum and does not diminish while the Challenge is in effect.
  3. If anyone in a Challenge is affected by Mental Maladies that cause loss of control, their action defaults to a standard attack to their challenge opponent.
  4. As long as Colleen has dealt damage to the challenged opponent during the last turn, her Martial score increases by 6 against this opponent. This increase stacks, and lasts until the Challenge ends.
  • At level 20, Colleen reduces the final damage she receives from the challenged opponent by 50% if that target has not been damaged by anyone except Colleen within the last turn.
  • At level 40, the final damage reduction becomes 75%, and Colleen gets 100% Resistance to Mental Maladies from her challenged opponent.
  • At Epic level 10, as long as Colleen has dealt damage to the challenged opponent during the last turn, any damage that would reduce her Health to 0 that does not originate from the challenged opponent reduces it to 1 instead.

Pump Up (Blood)

Blood invokes his inner fire and readies himself for the red fury that is combat, letting his fueled rage do the thinking and his pumping blood do the acting.

Of all his skills in elegant disemboweling and his (as of yet unrecognized) gift for all things art, and especially his genius for poetry, Blood's rawest talent lies in self motivation and invigoration.

When Blood activates Pump Up, he gets the following effects:
  1. - -25% base Armor, +25% base Martial until the end of his next turn.
  2. Any Mental Malady, and Chill, is negated. Blood has 100% Resistance against Mental Maladies until the end of his next turn. Blood’s default action while affected by Mental Maladies that cause loss of control becomes Pump Up.
  3. +1 Rush Action
  • At level 20, Pump Up has a 50% chance to grant +2 Rush Actions instead of 1.
  • At level 40, Pump Up always grants +2 Rush Actions, and has a 50% chance to grant +3 Rush Actions instead.
  • At Epic level 10, on the turn after Pump Up has been used, any action other than Pump Up that would grant any number of Rush Actions grants an additional Rush Action.

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