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Imperial Heartlands

Capital: Ravenstar

Formerly an empire spread throughout most of the continent of Ellevar, the Imperial Heartlands still take up a good part of its central region as the heart of the once dominant Theocracy. The wounds of war are still evident, both in the hearts of the people and near the current borders, which are desolate by the effects of warfare.

Valley of Hearts

Capital: Sheldrak's Fist

A massive valley in the heart of dense mountainous territories, getting in or out of the Valley is a risky prospect. For years it was used as the Theocracy's banishment grounds, holding the worst criminals in the eyes of Mhortai. Now it is a mostly lawless land, with danger lurking in every corner.

Rhaksathi Wasteland

Capital: Emberskyr

Once a lush region of green hills and greener forests known as the Rhaksathi Expanse, the Rhaksathi Wasteland was formed 1780 years ago, practically overnight. Scholars argue about the event that caused the transformation, but the most prominent theory includes a horrible beast called the Devourer. To the northwest of the region lies the domain of the Kaerns near Pabschakri's Spine and the Calcified Forest. The desert that covers most of the wastelands is inhabited by nomadic tribes, with the occasional exception of an established city, such as Kangak, the Jewel of the Sands, which was the most prominent city in the Wasteland before its destruction.

Rebel Highlands

Capital: Fort Sunscar

The Highlands consist mostly of mountainous terrain - practically being a single, gigantic mountain range - and is the homeland of the brave rebels that fought against the Theocracy and managed to liberate these lands, although it is also the homeland of Rithenil and Xhaer. Given the difficulty to reach the Highlands, the treacherous regions within, the weird creatures that dwell in the area, and the xenophobic hostility born of paranoia of the dwellers, the Highlands aren't a region that many travel to for leisure.

The City-Ports

Capital: Crimsonstash

The prosperous City-Ports take the entirety of the north and northeastern sea fronts of the continent. It is the most important territory that once belonged to the Theocracy, and it is said that Marduk himself liberated them. They currently thrive under a slew of local-governing city states and abundant trade.

Mystic Woods

Capital: Eluveer

Very little is known about the Mystic Woods, other than the fact that the whole region is entirely covered in forested areas and that Druids rule supreme in it. Presumably, this is the only region in Amelor that Miraels can be found, save for the very rare explorer among them.

The Isles of Zhal'Shie

Capital: Moonvale

The large islands are considered to belong to the Goddess Zhal, and are the homeland of various Beastman tribes. Few venture there, but those that have gone claim that the culture is very exotic, with a strong sense of ethics and honor, and a strict code of conduct.


The Holy Theocracy of Mhortai

Although the Theocracy used to control the majority of the continent and had the kind of totalitarian control only a government under a single banner can achieve, it has fallen. Its capital, Ravenstar, remains one of the largest cities, but Vimaz is much more influential nowadays when money speaks more loudly than faith. Although the separated territories of the old Theocracy remain somewhat unified, power and influence generally reaches only locally, with city-states becoming the norm.

Sandthorn Company

A widespread mercenary group with impressive numbers of members. Sandthorn mercenaries often make up the majority of military forces of smaller regions, and are often prominent in the armed forces of the richest territories.

In poorer, or less fortunate areas, where might makes right, like the Valley of Hearts, the Sandthorn company is a governing power in and of itself, claiming land and establishing rule.

Council of Pestilence

Very little is known about the Council of Pestilence, but some scholars have heard of the name and are, perhaps wisely, wary of it.


Holy Theocracy of Mhortai

The Theocracy have fallen, but no organization so vast, so ingrained in faith, disappears readily and quietly. The Theocracy still has a lot of followers, and some of them are among the most fanatical people that can be found. Most are laying low for the time being, but it's safe to assume that will not be the case for much longer.

Sandthorn Company

Fragmented by necessity, although the Sandthorn Company has a centralized leadership it relies a lot on local leaders to handle any situation that arises while keeping the company's motives at the heart of their actions. This, of course, leads to public opinion on the Company to vary wildly from territory to territory, depending on which branch one is familiar with.

Sanctuary Army

Little is known about the underground city of Sanctuary, but what is certain - as the Theocracy learned - is that its army is both vast and dedicated to keeping the city safe. Little is known about its exact numbers or its tactics - which shift from underground combat to sand desert skirmishes overnight - and its leadership remains a complete mystery.

Mystic Woods Druids

The few explorers that have ventured in the Mystic Woods (and have returned) speak of a circle of elder Druids called the Conclave of Archgenesis. No one claims to have seen the Druids, but all decisions in the forest seem to await their word.

Cult of the Scouring Eye

A relatively recent, and troubling, cult has risen in power in leaps and bounds, troubling scholars and law-enforcement alike. Few know what it is about, but those that happen to be near its areas of influence recognize it's bad news.

Current Events

Lungdus' Reckoning

A colossal catastrophe that was named after a divine power, Lungdus' Reckoning is the name people give to the day that the dam known as Lungdus' Closure collapsed, flooding the entirety of the Hallowed Pass within a day, submerging both the city of Lamasey and the Priory of Silence. The loss of life was staggering, and the passage to the southern mountains became much more difficult, making it much harder for the Theocratic army to maintain its hold in that area.

The Etherwail

Coinciding with the siege of the Arcane Citadel by the Theocratic Army, and is subsequent explosion that shuddered the surrounding lands, the Etherwail is what scholars have named the diminishing of all Ether-related powers and disenchanting of items that happened that day.

It may be related, or a coincidence, but the clergy of Kyrill claim to have lost their connection to their patron on that day.

Dance of Rain and Mud

A horrific day in the history of Vimaz, when it rained mud, and a dancing woman abducted three unwitting children, while every other child in the city was found dead, drowned by mud, the following day. Very few understand what happened, or why.

The occupation of Wraithrim

The village of Wraithrim, in the Valley of Hearts, is occupied by the Sandthorn Company. Few see the reason behind the occupation, given the village's poor strategic value and resources.

Death of the Grand Inquisitor

The Grand Inquisitor Solazius, in Sheldrak's Fist, is reported dead by natural means, although not few rumors suggest he was assassinated.