Making of a Monster Contest

There you are!

Yes, of course I mean you, who did you think I meant?

I heard you were interested in ancient lore and forbidden knowledge, and given a little… misconduct… someone perpetrated on the Archives, there may just be a tidbit or two I can share. And you can shape.

What do I mean by “shape”? Well, that’s easy to answer, but it depends on you. Tell me, does the name “Ysgrak’tos” mean anything to you? No? Well, of course it doesn’t; without his record in the Archives, reality assumes he doesn’t exist. So, before his disappearance becomes permanent, you’ll help me shape him again. Any way we want to. Doesn’t that sound fun?!

So, to make things clearer.

You have about two weeks, starting on May the 4th – …why do I feel compelled to say “be with you”? Nevermind, must be something niche – and until the 18th, to reforge the lore around the ancient Destroyer, Ysgrak’tos, the scourge of the Umani, so that it solidifies in Kyuval’s Archives and becomes reality.

How? Well, there are subtle moments in every entity’s life that are in flux. Where the slightest push will change its destiny dramatically. I’ll present those points to you, let you push one way or the other, and see what happens. Mind, you won’t be the only one pushing. Where would the fun be in that? But if your efforts succeed, you’ll have shaped the very fate of a most powerful creature! And if you’re consistent in those efforts, your name will be forevermore established in the reality of the Cosmos!

I knew you’d like it.

Link to the contest!

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