Wheel of Martial Power

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{{#tip-text: Mhortai, the Firstborn |

}}, infused the red Wheel of Martial Power to contain all essence of martial prowess and govern all interactions that involved direct force and raw physical power. It defined violent conflict, brute force, combat prowess and strategic thinking, as well as more abstract concepts such as vehemence and vengeance.

It has been broken into the Fragments of Strength, Defense, Discipline, Finesse and Fervor, each now governing a share of martial aspects. Their influences gave rise to a slew of talents and skills among the mortal races, but most importantly the Warriors, Bulwarks, Disciples, Fencers and Berserkers.

Crimson Champion, or simply Champion, is a slightly uncommon way to refer to an adherent of the Wheel of Martial Power. The term is more often than not used when someone is unaware of just what kind of combatant an unknown opponent is, especially for those of great potential where the signs of the Wheel's power are evident. It's only on scholar texts that the term is used for grouping up the adherents of every Martial Fragment.


The Strength Fragment was of great consequence to the mortals as it granted them the capability to apply force to their environment in order to change it. Savants say it was directly pertinent to the eventual creation of tools and weapons. Those who seek to emulate all aspects of this Fragment are called Warriors, and they are excellent in all kinds of combat, both close quarters and open war, as well as familiar with the widest variety of weapons. They can rally troops, provide stratagems or fight in the front lines, but anyone who sees a Warrior in conflict can see that they revel in it; they are nourished by it. All in all, whatever powers they possess otherwise, only the extremely confident or the fools believe wars can be won without Warriors.

A Warrior can master skills of Weapon Mastery, Conflict, Valor and Warfare.


The Defense Fragment gifted the mortals with a means to protect themselves, both internally and with the use of external forces - and it was the instigation behind the use of Strength's tools to forge armors and shields. A mortal that seeks to emulate Defense in its rawest form is called Bulwark. Although Bulwarks are traditionally heavily armored and almost invariably wielding a shield, the concept behind the esoteric path of the Fragment is changelessness - Bulwarks seek to prevent external forces from affecting them, steadfast against physical harm and manipulation that would turn them from their values and duties. Often sought after for their impressive skills to protect others, Bulwarks are often found in positions of protecting important people. Those that understand that even the hardest boulder eventually crumbles against the current, however, incorporate a bit of retaliation to their defenses - the best way to prevent further assault is to stop the assailant.

A Bulwark can master skills of Fidelity, Sentinel, Retribution and Shield Mastery


The Discipline Fragment brought order and wisdom to the young races, helping them distinguish between themselves and their environments in an internal, instinctive way. Those who seek to understand and internalize the wisdom of the Fragment call themselves Disciples, and often believe they will remain students for the rest of their lives - hence the name. There is always something to learn, and each step in life is a learning experience. Disciples train their bodies to avoid the distraction of frailty in their esoteric pursuits, although some raise that training to an art and become capable of impressive physical feats, and learn how to shut out mental distractions by meditation, although that, too, betters their spirits - there are rumors of self healing or levitation. Others seek to understand by observing the universe around them, resulting in sensory competence that defies expectations and has given rise to myths and legends about the Disciples' sixth sense. Rumors of Disciples so attuned to their spirit that they can manifest projections of it for everyone to see - and even utilize such projection as weapons - have not been confirmed; it's hard to keep track of the usually hermetic or ascetic training the Disciples undergo, and even harder to goad one into boasting or demonstrations. They have nothing to prove.

A Disciple can master skills of Awareness, Physique, Meditation and Breath.


The Fragment of Finesse is responsible for many aspects of the mortal existence, and draws most intriguing parallels between social interaction and physical violence. Fencers, seeking the grace and elegance that the Fragment dictates, are adept at both with equivalent skill. Biting tongue mirrors an alluring, if apparent, lack of defenses; a lure that few can resist retorting. Capitalizing at impatience can easily provide the means to deflect a poor-worded argument, or a clumsily swung blade. Sharp wit lends itself to deeply wounding remarks, and even more so to deeply wounding sword tips. Fencers savor strife, whether in words or with swords, but prefer their own rules, an overarching elegance to it all, and, ideally, maintaining control of the flow.

A Fencer can master skills of Provocation, Alacrity, Anticipation and Strife.


The Fragment of Fervor show to the mortals how to stir their own dormant feelings. Those seeking the guidance of this Fragment become creatures of passion, letting their emotions and instincts dictate most of their actions. Utilizing such emotions to usher themselves in battle, Berserkers have realized that the anger and hatred one feels towards their enemies rids him from the constraints of fear - and, often, even the debilitating effects of injuries - that prove to be the undoing of so many. Those that rely more on instinct find themselves with wits and senses unmatched, and able to fight multiple opponents without too much trouble, or survive the most severe conditions and the harshest environments with the proficiency of wild beasts. The most terrifying of Berserkers, however, are those that are so close to their inner beasts, that they sometimes surface...

A Berserker can master skills of Fury, Tenacity, Audacity and Metamorphosis.