Wheel of Umbral Power

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{{#tip-text: Aalis, the Unknown |

}}, infused the yellow Wheel of Umbral Power to contain all essence of cunning and guile and govern all situations that involved worldly knowledge, social interactions or willful deception. It defined subtlety, know-how and manual dexterity, as well as the concepts of hiding, both physically and metaphysically, and luck.

It has broken into the Fragments of Shadow, Deception, Precision, Venture and Entrapment, each now governing a share of subtle aspects. Their influence gave rise to a slew of talents and skills among the mortal races, but most importantly the Shades, Operatives, Marksmen, Explorers and Hunters.

Adroit is a rarely used term that is defined as characterizing an adherent of the Wheel of Umbral Power. in the scholarly texts where it is most commonly found. Due to the often very obvious distinction between those that utilize the potential of different Umbral Fragments, the term is almost exclusively utilized to mean the collective of such individuals as a whole, often to denote a trait or characteristic that they share.


The Fragment of Shadow taught the mortal races to not fear the darkness, but welcome it, embrace it, even manipulate it. Physically or metaphysically, Shades can call forth shadows and darkness, to cloud vision, minds or emotions. They conceal themselves, then dredge up their opponents' darkest fears from the depths of their minds - occasionally calling such dark entities physically. Others may delve nearer to the absence of light - or anything else - and disallow light, or magic, or, some say, even divine forces, from tainting their battlefield, and others still may pluck a thread of darkness out of a natural shade and wield it as a weapon.

A Shade can master skills of Obfuscation, Dread, Gloom and Eclipse.


The Fragment of Deception taught the mortal races the power of honesty - and absence thereof, and as such the inner design of politics and hidden agendas. Its more direct (ironically) proponents, Operatives, are experts in all manners of concealment, whether from eyes in a dark alley, from ears in a political lobby, or from intentions, while behind a mask. They can infiltrate - shady gangs or noble courts - with the same amount of practiced ease, perform meticulous assassinations or cover up the sloppy attempts of others, and are experts in understanding, perceiving, and deploying, cons of any kind; consequently, they can insinuate themselves into the inner circles of unsuspecting targets or wards, and are therefore adept in the arts of seduction.

An Operative can master skills of Veil, Chicanery, Assassination and Escort.


The Fragment of Precision gave the great gift of aiming to the mortal races, both physically in order to hit a target and metaphysically in order to chase after one's goals, as well as the exactitude to avoid collateral. Marksmen emulate the Fragment's motion most accurately, internalizing the perception required to acquire a target, the focus needed to avoid distractions, whether physical or mental, the accuracy necessary to achieve a successful strike, and the range familiarity that makes anything they see their potential target. Obviously, Marksmen are skilled with any kind of ranged weapon, but often excel with bows.

A Marksman can master skills of Perception, Focus, Accuracy and Range.


The Fragment of Venture showed to mortals the vastness of the realm they inhabit, and granted them the desire to explore it and uncover its secrets. Such dedicated Explorers invariably possess a strong sense of wanderlust, and, depending on how long one has been indulging it, a familiarity to places, creatures and items that most consider anything from exotic to absurd. Explorers are very physically active and experts at navigating treacherous environments, as well as noticing - and figuring out - pitfalls and all other matters of unpleasantries, whether natural or man-made. It's true, however, that the average Explorer has survived much harsher odds than anyone else could consider even plausible, so the rumors about how they're Lady Fortune's favored abound.

An Explorer can master skills of Acrobatics, Devices, Wanderlust and Fortune.


The Fragment of Entrapment showed the mortal races of alternative means to attain victory over prey and foe. Hunters may occasionally bring a deer down with an arrow, but knowing and understanding every bit of their environment, scouting every friend, ally, foe and target within it, and create ambushes or crafted traps - simple and straightforward or elaborate - is a process they enjoy every bit of.

A Hunter can master skills of Scouting, Snares, Ambush and Fauna.