The glorious city of Anorok has fallen

Once boasting the best crafters in all of Amelor, the jeweled city is divided in districts that used to support the crafting techniques and needs of the artisans that resided within. But the central district that houses the Temple Forge known as the Sunforge was the location of the breach; a project gone wrong, perhaps, that caused a rift straight into the realm of Pestilence, and let its diseased monstrosities cross through to the world.

Now, after an urgent blockade and a desperate cleansing campaign that required exorbitant effort and many sacrifices, four districts of the city have been reclaimed. And by utilizing the workshops within, the heroes of the land will push back against the tide of Pestilence, to close the rift once and for all.

CraftingThe Kaerns, masters of stone and metal and inventors of an impressive array of material handling techniques and alloys, have settled at the Twilight Forge to the west of the city, fanning the flames and restocking their workshops in order to salvage what materials they can and craft the best there is to outfit their heroes.

ResearchThe Vestiges, innately attuned to the forces of the Ether, returned to the Prism, a combination of a massive library and etherforge. There they can research weapon and armor schematics, as well as enchantments, and utilize that knowledge as they do best in order to make the simplest blade into a legendary edge to strike against the Pestilence.

RefineThe Miraels cleansed the Solis Grove to the eastern side of Anorok, grown there ever since the masters congregated to the city. Now pure once again, it can grow their unique kind of armaments to outfit their heroes with steelbark shields, leathervine armors and weapons of wood that can pierce rock, as well as allow materials buried to its roots to grow into bulbs that contain their rare, refined forms.

TradeThe Beastfolk, most at ease with adapting to extreme conditions, have resettled to the Dais Artis, the largely modular district that can handle just about any task given time, as well as lend its structure to the uniquely multi-use armaments that some of the most exotic arts of war require. Closer to the rift, but also better able to move around, the Beastfolk also take care of transportation, messaging, and trade, among the brave souls that face the threats of Anorok as well as their support from the outside.

Now go.
Equip your gofers with the best armaments you can forge, so they can push back against the incoming horde. Salvage what materials you can, refine them into exotic alloys, trade your surplus for what you need, research advanced schematics, and craft legendary arms. The source of the problem must be found, and it must be dealt with.

Push back the Pestilence.
Seal the rift, reclaim Anorok, and cleanse the land.
Write your name in legend.

Craft your Dreams

Category: Board Game
Subcategory: Card Game
Number of Players: 1-4
Ages: 15+
Theme: Medieval Fantasy Horror
Mechanics: Worker Placement, Hand Management, Variable Player Powers, Player Elimination, Simultaneous Action Selection, Cooperative Play, VS Play

CraftingAnvil is a game where, against all odds and constant attacks against you, you need to push back the tide of monsters while gathering materials to outfit your gofers. The better the equipment the gofer has, the better the defense against the Pestilence, and the chance of salvaging even better items. Manage to create a masterwork or three and your servant may stand against the champions of decay, and you might just about manage to close the rift to the realm of Pestilence.

ResearchIn Anvil, each player chooses one of the available races and takes the reigns of that race's master crafter. During play, each player has their own deck of cards that represent the available schematics for equipment to be made. In each turn you allocate your servants to your workshop or to the battlefield. Then you can use your materials to craft an item, equip crafted items to your hero in order to improve their stats, or peruse one of the many options in your disposal in order to better utilize your limited resources: refine common materials to exotic ones, research other schematics, salvage crafted items for their components, or trade basic materials for another kind.

TradeAfterwards you send your outfitted gofers to stand against the wave of the creatures that come from the rift. Each event may feature a monster or an unfortunate situation, or perhaps even a rare treat just lying about. The more situations your gofers can tackle successfully, the better your options will be when they return. Use the new materials, salvage old items, and make even better ones so you can eventually tackle a champion. Win, close the rift, and you will become a legend among your people...if you manage to beat the final Boss that is.